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Tanvi Parikh is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and NASM Certified Nutrition Coach. Tanvi has gathered great interest on her social media because of her effective workouts, relatable nutrition tips and encouraging the growth mindset in all aspects of life.

Tanvi underwent a significant physical and mental transformation herself and understands the needs, difficulties and barriers to fitness most young-adults face with sedentary jobs. Building new habits as an adult is difficult and re-constructing traditional habits is even harder. This has been Tanvi's key motivation in creating instructional content around fitness & nutrition.

Everyone's needs are different, and no single workout or nutrition plan is suited for two people that will produce effective results. Tanvi has engineered a unique fitness solution "TNV Method"  that lets the athlete chart the course of their fitness journey. With unlimited customizations, 24/7 communication with a dedicated Accountability Coach, in-depth sessions with a Health Psychologist, Meal Plans by a Clinical Dietitian and extensive guidance around mindset, nutrition, workouts, this solution will feel like it was created *just for you*.

Tanvi prides in effective execution. With proven evidence-based coaching methodologies, she believes her approach to customized coaching will ensure you will never need to hire another one again!


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