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Priya (USA, 31, Software Engineer)

6 Months Coaching

I decided to join TNV Method after seeing Tanvi’s transformation on her instagram handle. The TNV Transform program is like no other. Initially I was hesitant because I found it expensive, but within 2-3 days of the program I saw why its priced this way - there is SO MUCH guidance and it feels like they truly care for the client and how the client feels. I used to be a daily smoker, soda addict and never cook at home. I gained 10kgs over the past 3 months and felt the most out of shape I have ever been. Within the first two weeks I noticed that the mindset coaching and habit mentoring made me reduce my smoking to twice a week and I had zero sugar cravings. They gave me simple recipes that taste so good I cannot believe its healthy food! In 3 months I lost  15 lbs, feel lighter, happier and overall more confident about my new habits! I have many more months to go and I am excited to see what happens next. Highly recommend TNV to anyone who is looking to lose weight the right way.

Seema (UAE, 28, Software Engineer and soon-to-be bride)

3 Months Coaching

I’ve spent over 10,000 dollars on coaches over the past 4 years, but I have been following Tanvi for so long on social media and when she launched her coaching, I knew I had to join her. When I joined, I was anxious, depressed and very unhappy with how my body looked. Since heart disease runs in my family, I knew I wanted to bring my RHR (resting heart rate down). The team immediately recognized my needs and offered me a detailed meal plan, mindset coaching, workout plan and my RHR went from 76 bpm to 64 bpm in just 2.5 weeks!!! I was so happy! I also lost 5 lbs in the first month of coaching. The meals are so fresh, healthy and I can’t believe I can eat them and lose weight. The approach to fitness is exactly how Tanvi shares on her socials - holistic and sustainable. I don’t think I will ever need a coach again, I am learning so much that it’s empowering me to become independent.


Aman (India, 38, IT Engineer, soon to be dad)

6 Months Coaching

Being 38 years old and overweight (94kgs) has always had me concerned about my health and general well being. I recently found out that I am going to be a dad and started searching online for programs.  I'm glad I found the TNV Evolve Program and Tanvi who has very patiently guided me into transforming into a new individual with her excellent method of coaching. It has helped me to incorporate new habits and routines into my daily life such that I have lost 3 kgs in four weeks. Tanvi's diet plans are a delight as she takes into consideration my likes and dislikes as well as my eating habits and personalizes it with delicious but healthy meal plans. Her curated exercise regimes are easy to follow and the results are encouraging and has motivated me to keep at it without fail!

Arpita (USA, 34, Mom of 2, Teacher)

3 Months Coaching

I have had an amazing experience with the TNV Evolve Program, and couldn’t recommend it more! Being 34 years old and an athlete, I have always been keen on keeping fit. Joining the TNV Method by Tanvi has helped me refine my approach to workouts, nutrition and overall motivation. The results are so tangible with significant weight loss, having a positive mindset and a refreshing approach to fitness!

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