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We’re thrilled to have you aboard on our TNV Direct Program !



In the upcoming 2-3 business days, you will receive the following communication from us - 

  1. Program Confirmation Message: The TNV Method Concierge will send you a WhatsApp message or email you with details about your next steps.   

  2. TNV Method App Invitation & Onboarding Assessment Form: This includes questions about your past health, medical history and desired fitness goals. Once you complete this form and send it to us, your Coach will send you a booking link for the Onboarding Discussion.

  3. Invite to 45-min Onboarding Discussion: Via the TNV Method App, your Coach will send you a booking link for the 45-min Onboarding Discussion.  This will be a  face-to-face video call where you get introduced to your Coach and discuss your fitness goals in extreme depth so we can create a perfect plan for you. We recommend you book this at your earliest convenience within 2-3 business days after step 2. 

  4. Invite to 60-min Protocol Discussion: Right after the Onboarding Call, your Coach your Coach will send you a booking link for the 60-min Protocol Discussion. This call will take place within 3-5 business days after your 45-minute Onboarding Call and may take longer depending on the complexity of your case. During this call, your Coach will provide you with your Personalized Fitness Protocol and explain it to you in detail over the call. 

  5. Coaching Phase: On the day of  the 60-min Protocol Discussion your month of coaching begins. 

Our Onboarding Phase is approximately 7-10 business days long as we take the time to ensure that the programs we create for you are near-perfect. Every program is built-from-scratch and goes through multiple review cycles before it makes it to your app screen. We appreciate your patience during this time!

Reach out to us at or via TNV Method Concierge  for questions regarding your Onboarding Process. 

Welcome once again and we are looking forward to watching you thrive!

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